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Heute vor zehn Jahren, am April , kamen Josef Fritzls Verbrechen ans Tageslicht. 24 Jahre lang hatte der damals Jährige seine. Josef Fritzl (heute Josef Mayrhoff): Er hat seine Tochter 24 Jahre im eigenen Keller eingesperrt, vergewaltigt und sieben Kinder mit ihr gezeugt. März wurde der Inzesttäter von Amstetten, Josef Fritzl, zu einer an einem unbekannten Ort. Bis heute ist kaum etwas über sie bekannt. Vor zehn Jahren kam die Horror-Tat ans Licht: 24 Jahre hielt Fritzl seine Tochter gefangen, zeugte mehrere Kinder mit ihr. Heute lebt sie an. Elisabeth flehte ihren Vater an, ihr Kind ins Krankenhaus zu bringen. Am April lieferte Fritzl die bewusstlose Kerstin in das Landesklinikum in Amstetten ein.

Fritzl Heute

Elisabeth flehte ihren Vater an, ihr Kind ins Krankenhaus zu bringen. Am April lieferte Fritzl die bewusstlose Kerstin in das Landesklinikum in Amstetten ein. März wurde der Inzesttäter von Amstetten, Josef Fritzl, zu einer an einem unbekannten Ort. Bis heute ist kaum etwas über sie bekannt. Heute vor zehn Jahren, am April , kamen Josef Fritzls Verbrechen ans Tageslicht. 24 Jahre lang hatte der damals Jährige seine.

Fritzl Heute - Warum merkten die Nachbarn der Familie nichts?

An Weihnachten und Geburtstagen gab es Geschenke — so, als lebte er in einer heilen Familie. Wenn es überhaupt eine gerechte Strafe für solch abscheuliche Taten gibt. Jahr 97 3.

Am April kam das grausame Verbrechen ans Tageslicht. Die Medienaufmerksamkeit war riesig. Nichts erinnert mehr an die Tat.

Begonnen hat alles in den er Jahren. Fritzl dichtete den Bunker schalldicht ab. Seine Frau sollte niemals vom Verbrechen erfahren dürfen.

August lockte er seine damals jährige Tochter Elisabeth in die Räumlichkeiten, in denen sie die nächsten 24 Jahre verbringen würde.

Gegenüber seiner Frau und den Nachbarn erklärte Fritzl das plötzliche Verschwinden seiner Tochter damit, dass sie einer Sekte beigetreten sei und nicht gesucht werden wolle.

Bei den Behörden wurde sie als vermisst gemeldet. Niemand schöpfte Verdacht. Währenddessen wurde Elisabeth von ihrem eigenen Vater im Keller regelrecht versklavt, vergewaltigt — sie brachte sieben Kinder zur Welt.

Von den sechs Überlebenden wohnten drei mit ihrer Mutter im Bunker, ohne jemals die Aussenwelt gesehen zu haben.

Die anderen drei setzte Fritzl nach der Geburt vor dem eigenen Haus aus, um seine Frau glauben zu lassen, die verschwundene Tochter hätte sie dort abgelegt.

Seine Ehefrau glaubte ihm. Ein Arzt wurde misstrauisch und meldete seinen Verdacht der Polizei. Der Fall gelangte erstmals in die Medien — man suchte die Mutter der Jährigen.

Von der Öffentlichkeit in die Enge getrieben rückte Fritzl seine Tochter Elisabeth schliesslich raus und brachte sie ebenfalls ins Spital.

Dann kam alles ans Licht. Fritzl wurde sofort festgenommen. Elisabeth und ihre Kinder im Spital betreut, abgeschirmt vor jeglichen Medien. Fritzl decided to imprison Elisabeth after she "did not adhere to any rules any more" when she became a teenager.

The chief editors of News magazine noted in their editorial that they expected Fritzl's statement to form the basis of the defence strategy of his lawyer.

Critics said his statement may have been a ploy to prepare an insanity defence. Reflecting on his childhood, Fritzl initially described his mother as "the best woman in the world" and "as strict as it was necessary".

It left me feeling totally humiliated and weak. My mother was a servant and she used to work hard all her life, I never had a kiss from her, I was never cuddled although I wanted it — I wanted her to be good to me.

In , after Fritzl had married and bought his house, his mother moved in with them. Over time, their roles reversed, and his mother came to fear him.

Eventually, he also admitted he had later locked his mother in the attic and bricked up her window after telling neighbors that she had died, and kept her locked up until her death in It is unknown how long Fritzl kept his mother locked up in his attic, but newspapers have speculated that it may have been up to 20 years.

In a report by forensic psychiatrist Adelheid Kastner, Fritzl's mother is described as unpredictable and abusive. Fritzl referred to himself as an "alibi" child, meaning that his mother only gave birth to him to prove that she was not barren and could produce children.

Fritzl claims that his pathological behavior is innate. He admits that he planned to lock his daughter up during his prison stint for the earlier rape conviction so that he could contain and express his "evil side".

He said, "I was born to rape, and I held myself back for a relatively long time. I could have behaved a lot worse than locking up my daughter.

Later reports have revealed Fritzl's premeditated plan to lock his daughter up was not for discipline but for his own gratification.

Pursuant to the agreement that she would never have to see her father again, Elisabeth Fritzl gave videotaped testimony before Austrian prosecutors and investigators on 11 July On 13 November , authorities in Austria released an indictment against Josef Fritzl.

He stood trial for the murder of the infant Michael, who died shortly after birth, [41] and faced between 10 years and life imprisonment. He was also charged with rape, incest , kidnapping, false imprisonment and slavery , which carry a maximum year term.

On day one, Fritzl entered the courtroom attempting to hide his face from cameras behind a blue folder, which he was entitled to do under Austrian law.

After opening comments, all journalists and spectators were asked to leave the courtroom, whereupon Fritzl lowered his binder.

Fritzl pleaded guilty to all charges with the exception of murder and grievous assault by threatening to gas his captives if they disobeyed him.

In his opening remarks, Rudolf Mayer, the defending counsel, appealed to the jury to be objective and not be swayed by emotions.

He insisted Fritzl was "not a monster", stating that Fritzl had brought a Christmas tree down to his captives in the cellar during the holiday season.

Christiane Burkheiser, prosecuting her first case since being appointed Chief Prosecutor, pressed for life imprisonment in an institution for the criminally insane.

On the first day of testimony, jurors watched eleven hours of testimony recorded by Elisabeth in sessions with police and psychologists in July The tape is said to have been so "harrowing" that the eight jurors did not watch more than two hours at a time.

Four replacement jurors were on standby to replace any of the regular jurors in case they could not bear to hear any more of the evidence.

Besides the video testimony, Elisabeth's older brother Harald testified and said that he was physically abused by Josef as a child.

On 18 March , Elisabeth Fritzl attended the second day of the criminal trial against her father Josef, in preparation for a book she wrote about her ordeal.

On 19 March , Fritzl was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 15 years. Chancellor of Austria Alfred Gusenbauer said he planned to launch a foreign public image campaign for his country, in light of the "abominable events".

Judge Andrea Humer, who presided over the trial, stated medical experts reported Elisabeth and her children were in "relatively good health".

After being taken into care, Elisabeth, all six of her surviving children and her mother were housed in a local clinic where they were shielded from the outside environment and received medical and psychological treatment.

Members of the Fritzl family were offered new identities but it was emphasized that it was their choice to make. Berthold Kepplinger, head of the clinic where Elisabeth and her children were being treated, said that Elisabeth and the three children held captive in the cellar required further therapy to help them adjust to the light after years in semi-darkness.

They also needed treatment to help them cope with all the extra space that they now had in which to move about.

In May , a handmade poster created by Elisabeth, her children and her mother at the therapy facility was displayed in the Amstetten town centre.

The message thanked local people for their support. We hope that soon there will be a time where we can find our way back into a normal life.

Kerstin was reunited with her family on 8 June , when she was awakened from her artificially induced coma. Doctors said that she would make a full recovery.

It was revealed that Elisabeth and her children were more traumatized than previously thought. During captivity, Kerstin tore out her hair in clumps, and was reported to have shredded her dresses before stuffing them in the toilet.

Stefan could not walk properly, because of his height of 1. It has also been revealed that normal everyday occurrences, such as the dimming of lights or the closing of doors, plunge Kerstin and Stefan into anxiety and panic attacks.

The other three of Elisabeth's children who were raised by their father are being treated for anger and resentment at the events. In late July , it emerged that Elisabeth ordered her mother Rosemarie out of the villa they had been sharing in a secret location set up for them by a psychiatric clinic.

Elisabeth was upset about Rosemarie's passiveness during her upbringing. Lawyer Christoph Herbst, who represents Elisabeth and her family, said, "Fortunately, everything is going very well"; they spend their time answering hundreds of letters from all over the world.

Felix, Kerstin, and Stefan, brought up underground with their mother, have learned to swim. All of Elisabeth's children attended a four-day summer camp organised by firefighters, with 4, other young campers, in August The children, along with their mother, also have made day trips, including swimming outings, on which care was taken to keep them out of reach of the paparazzi and to protect their privacy.

In March , Elisabeth and her children were forced to move out of the family's hide-away home and returned to the psychiatric clinic where medical staff had started trying to heal the family and unite the "upstairs" and "downstairs" siblings during the previous year.

Elisabeth was reported to be distraught and close to a breakdown after a British paparazzo had burst into her kitchen and started taking photographs.

After the trial, Elisabeth and her six children were moved to an unnamed village in northern Austria, where they were living in a fortress-like house.

Factors that traumatised the "upstairs" children include learning that Josef had lied to them about their mother abandoning them, the abuse they had received from him during their childhood, and finding out that their siblings had been imprisoned in the cellar.

The "downstairs" children receive therapy due to their deprivation from normal development, the lack of fresh air and sunshine while living confined in the basement, and the abuse that they and their mother had received from Josef when he visited them in the basement.

All of the children might have genetic problems common to children born of an incestuous relationship. Rosemarie lives alone in a small apartment.

An article in March in The Independent stated that Elisabeth and her children recovered remarkably well, given the difficult lives they endured for so long.

She has passed her driving test without difficulty. Her relationship with Thomas, one of her bodyguards who is 23 years younger than her , [63] was reported to be ongoing, with him becoming a big-brother figure to her children.

All of Elisabeth's children have developed normal sibling relationships with each other, and after having trouble dealing with the traumatic events, the three "upstairs" children slowly began recognising Elisabeth as their mother.

The children enjoy being outdoors, playing video games, and spending time with their mother and grandmother.

Despite their strained relationship, Elisabeth and her mother Rosemarie started visiting each other more, and Elisabeth has reportedly forgiven her mother for believing her father's story.

On 28 June , workers began filling the basement of the Fritzl home with concrete. The house was to be sold on the open market.

While most neighbours approved of the proposal, some preferred that the property be demolished due to its sordid history. In May , Josef Fritzl changed his name to Josef Mayrhoff, probably due to getting into a prison fight that resulted in several of his teeth getting knocked out after other inmates set up a fake dating profile with his name and picture.

He recalls he kept saying "just look into the cellars of other people, you might find other families and girls down there". In April , it was reported that Josef's health was declining and that he did not want to live anymore.

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Sie war wohl der Grund, warum die ganze Tragödie herauskam: Kerstin Fritzl musste im April ins Spital gebracht werden, kam ins künstliche Koma.

Dann der Spitalbesuch ihrer Mutter. Ein Arzt, dem die ganze Geschichte merkwürdig vorkam und nachhakte. Und schliesslich das Geständnis der Jährigen über ihre unfassbare Leidenszeit: 24 Jahre Gefangenschaft, vom Vater immer wieder vergewaltigt.

Daraus entstanden sechs Kinder, eines starb. Und zum ersten Mal — in Freiheit — ihre Mutter wiedergesehen haben. Denn zuvor kannte auch Kerstin nur das Leben im Kellerverlies.

Die junge Frau befinde sich nun zusammen mit ihrer Mutter und ihren Geschwistern im Landesklinikum Maur. Am August lockte er seine damals jährige Tochter Elisabeth in den Keller, betäubte sie und sperrte sie mit Handschellen gefesselt ein.

In den nächsten vierundzwanzig Jahren sah sie kein Tageslicht mehr, wurde von ihrem Vater wieder und wieder vergewaltigt, gebar sieben Kinder.

Fritzl verbrannte die Leiche im Heizkessel. Das Verschwinden seiner Tochter erklärte der eiskalt wirkende Fritzl gegenüber seiner Frau und Nachbarn ganz einfach: Sie sei wohl bei einer Sekte und durchgebrannt.

Bei den Behörden meldete der Vater seine Tochter als vermisst. Crime-Story Das eigene Haus wurde zum Ort des Doppellebens des heute Jährigen.

Zwei Söhne und eine Tochter lebten mit ihrer Mutter im Keller. Die drei anderen Kinder nahm der Vater mit nach oben zu seiner Frau. Allein die mysteriöse Herkunft der drei Kinder hätte Nachbarn in der Ist es das, was man aus dem Fall Amstetten lernen kann?

Es wäre wenigstens etwas", schrieb die Münchner "Abendzeitung" damals. Fritzl galt als Familien-Despot, der mit seiner Herrschsucht alle tyrannisierte und kontrollierte.

Daher glaubten die Behörden später auch den Aussagen, dass seine ihm ausgelieferte Ehefrau keine Ahnung von den Vorgängen im Keller hatte.

Ein Arzt wurde misstrauisch und gab der Polizei den entscheidenden Tipp. Polizist Gschöpf erinnert sich noch gut an die erste Begegnung mit den Opfern.

Damals waren er und einige Kollegen beauftragt, Elisabeth und ihre Kinder in den ersten Wochen in einer Klinik vor Neugierigen zu beschützen.

Am frühen Morgen sei er mit seinen Schützlingen oft im Park der Klinik spazieren gegangen. Für die drei Kinder war es die erste Begegnungmit der Natur.

Kannibalismus crime-Stück Das Urteil war wenig überraschend: Lebenslange Haft. Zeitungen berichteten, dass Fritzl als verachteter Inzest-Täter im Hochsicherheitsgefängnis Stein dauernd vor möglichen Attacken anderer Gefangener beschützt werden müsse.

Das Kellerverlies wurde mit Tonnen Spezialbeton verfüllt. Der heute jährigen Elisabeth, die an einem unbekannten Ort in Österreich lebt, und ihren Kindern geht es nach dem Eindruck von Gschöpf gut.

Ermittler erzählen "Spurensuche" - der stern-Crime-Podcast. Noch Fragen Die Wissenscommunity vom stern. Petzold: DasMemo. Hans-Martin Tillack Geschichten hinter den Geschichten.

August Das sind die aktuellen stern-Bestseller des Monats. Leute von heute Aktuelle Promi-News. Fotografie-Tipps für Anfänger Diese Spiegelreflexkameras eignen sich für Einsteiger und das können sie.

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Herpes Zoster Gürtelrose - gemein und gefährlich. Multimedia-Reportage Was passiert, wenn ein Mensch sein Herz gibt? Bakir, C.

Fröhlich, K. Grimm, C. Heidböhmer Stammtisch. Spezial Südtirol entdecken. Fritzl wurde zur lebenslangen Haft verurteilt. Die genauen Beweggründe sind unklar.

Schliesslich wird der Ex-Fritzl nie mehr frei kommen. Seine Tochter Elisabeth lebt indes an einem unbekannten Ort in Österreich.

Die heute Jährige wurde damals im Spital als unheimlich starke Frau beschrieben. Ihre eigenen Anonymität und die ihrer Kinder bewahrt sie nun seit 10 Jahren.

Polizist Karl Gschöpf steht mit Elisabeth in Kontakt. Sie haben etwas aus ihrem Leben gemacht. Zehn Jahre sind nun vergangen, seit die Gräueltaten enthüllt wurden.

So sah die damals jährige Elisabeth aus, bevor ihr Vater sie eingesperrt hatte. Mit einer List lockte er sie in den Keller und sperrte sie in einem Geheimraum ein.

Im 24'Einwohner-Dorf war man tief betroffen. Top Videos. Bräutigam mit Corona im Spital.

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