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Der Joker ist eine fiktive Figur, die überwiegend in Comics des Verlages DC, einer Tochtergesellschaft von WarnerMedia, auftritt. Der Joker (englisch The Joker) ist eine fiktive Figur, die überwiegend in Comics des Verlages Sie basiert in ihren Grundzügen auf der Figur des Gwynplaine, dargestellt vom expressionistischen Darsteller Conrad Veidt aus dem Film The Man Who Synchronisiert wurde der Joker im Original von dem Schauspieler Mark. Die Figur trat erstmals in der Episode # 22 (Joker's Favor) der Batman-​Zeichentrickserie von Paul Dini und Bruce Timm auf, die in den USA erstmals am Der Joker ist ein absolut psychopathischer Verbrecher, der sich jeder vom expressionistischen Darsteller Conrad Veidt aus dem Film The Man Who Laughs​. in dem Stummfilm “Der Mann, der lacht“ (“The Man Who Laughs“) von Joker (DC Comics) – Der ursprüngliche Joker, erdacht von Bob Kane und In “Batman: Arkham Origins“ von wurde ein jüngerer Joker im Original.

Who Was The Original Joker

Well, it turns out that fans still choose Mark Hamill – the one who played the original joker laugh during the 80's and 90's. The Joker's laugh is an iconic and. Joker” is an original, standalone story. Joker. (10,)IMDb h 1minX-​Ray. “Joker” is an original, Customers who watched this item also watched. in dem Stummfilm “Der Mann, der lacht“ (“The Man Who Laughs“) von Joker (DC Comics) – Der ursprüngliche Joker, erdacht von Bob Kane und In “Batman: Arkham Origins“ von wurde ein jüngerer Joker im Original.

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Harley Quinn the DC character first appeared in the DC animated universe 's Batman: The Animated Series episode " Joker's Favor ", [9] in what was initially supposed to be the animated equivalent of a walk-on role.

Several police officers were to be taken hostage by someone jumping out of a cake, and it was decided that to have the Joker do so himself would be too bizarre, although he ended up doing it anyway.

Thus they created a female sidekick for the Joker; she would become his love interest. Arleen Sorkin , a former star of the soap opera Days of Our Lives , appeared in a dream sequence on that series in which she wore a jester costume; They used this scene as an inspiration for Quinn.

Written and drawn by Dini and Timm, the comic book is told in the style and continuity of Batman: The Animated Series. It describes Dr.

Harleen Frances Quinzel, Ph. It was the second "animated style" comic book adapted for the series, with the other being "Holiday Knights".

Harleen Quinzel becomes fascinated with the Joker while working at Arkham Asylum and volunteers to help treat him. She falls hopelessly in love with the Joker during their sessions, and she helps him escape from the asylum more than once.

When Batman returns a severely injured Joker to Arkham, she dons a jester costume to become Harley Quinn, the Joker's sidekick.

The Joker frequently insults, ignores, hurts, and even tries to kill Harley, but she always comes back to him, convinced he genuinely loves her.

She appears as one of the four main female characters of the web cartoon Gotham Girls. In the film's climax , Harley ties Graves as a human shield to a combat robot set to confront Superman and Batman , but Graves is rescued by the two heroes without suffering any further harm.

Harley is last seen being hauled off to prison while raving insanely on a news report that Mercy is watching on TV and having a laugh at Harley's expense.

At the end of the film, a pair of twin girls who model themselves on the Joker are released on bail to their grandmother, who angrily berates them — to which they answer: "Oh, shut up, Nana Harley!

Gotham City Sirens 7 Feb. It is stated the reason Harley pursued psychiatry was to understand her own broken family.

The character's origin story relates that Harleen Quinzel was once a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum and was assigned to treat the Joker.

She eventually falls in love with the Joker and becomes his lover and accomplice after warping her mind through a series of lies.

Speaking with a pronounced Northeastern accent, Harley refers to the Joker as Mistah J and Puddin' , terms of endearment that have since been used in nearly every adaptation in which the two characters appear.

Harley Quinn was first introduced in the Batman: The Animated Series appearing in the style of a jester. She wore a black domino mask, white facial makeup, and a one-piece black-and-red motley outfit with a cowl.

Harleen Quinzel, M. D, is portrayed as having blonde hair and blue eyes. She typically wears glasses, a skirt, high-heeled shoes, and a white lab coat.

In her early comic book appearances until , the character wore her original black-and-red costume from the animated series. In this new timeline, Harley Quinn had a revamped look that lasted until The New 52 showed Harley Quinn with an alternating black-and-red-toned outfit with a sleeveless top, elbow pads, tight shorts, knee pads, and boots.

Her hair color was altered to half-red and half-black, like the cap of her previous incarnation.

Consistent with a new origin, her skin was bleached as the result of being kicked into a vat of acid by the Joker. Following 's DC Rebirth , Harley Quinn debuted a new look in the third volume of her eponymous series, as well as the fifth volume of Suicide Squad.

Her hair color is now blonde with blue dip dye on the left side and pink dip dye on the right, and she sports two new outfits.

One outfit consists of tight, blue and red shorts, a ripped tee-shirt, satin jacket, fingerless gloves, fishnet stockings, studded belt, and lace-up boots, much like Margot Robbie 's depiction of the character in the Suicide Squad film.

The character's other outfit is a two-tone, black-and-red suit consisting of a full-sleeve top, tight shorts, opaque stockings, garter belt attachments, and boots.

She has also been known to wear both red-and-black colored nail polishes on both her fingernails and toenails in an alternating fashion.

Harley Quinn is adorned with various tattoos, including four diamonds on her upper right thigh. Within the DC Extended Universe , both Harley and the Joker have several tattoos, with Harley having them on her cheek, forearm, legs, and abdomen.

After the success of The Animated Series , the character proved so popular she was eventually added to Batman comic book canon. The comic book version of Quinn, like the comic book version of the Joker, is more dangerously violent and less humorously quirky than the animated series version.

Despite her noticeably more violent demeanor, Harley does show mercy and compassion from time to time; she notably stops Poison Ivy from killing Batman, instead convincing her to leave the hero hanging bound and gagged from a large statue.

A Harley Quinn ongoing series [20] was published monthly by DC Comics for 38 issues from to Lieberman, and Mike Huddleston. The series dealt with her going solo, eventually starting a gang and then fleeing Gotham for the city of Metropolis with her friend Poison Ivy.

Quinn dies, only to be resurrected and then return to Gotham. The series ends with Harley turning herself into Arkham Asylum, having finally understood she needs help.

We also learn in issue 8 of the comic that Harley had a relationship in college with fellow psychology student Guy Kopski, whose suicide foreshadowed her obsession with the Joker.

Harley later appears in the Jeph Loeb series Hush. She is next seen in a Villains United Infinite Crisis special, where she is one of the many villains who escape from Arkham although she is knocked unconscious the moment she escapes.

Harley next appeared in Batman April , in which she helps the Joker with a plan to kill all his former henchmen, unaware that the "punch line" to the scheme is her death.

Upon realizing this, she shoots him in the shoulder. Harley has spent the last year applying for parole, only to see her request systematically rejected by Bruce Wayne, the layman member of Arkham's medical commission.

She is kidnapped by Peyton Riley, the new female Ventriloquist , who offers her a job; Harley turns the job down out of respect for the memory of Arnold Wesker, the original Ventriloquist, who attempted to cheer her up during her first week in Arkham while the Joker was still on the loose.

She then helps Batman and Commissioner Jim Gordon foil the impostor's plans. Although Riley escapes, Bruce Wayne is impressed with Harley's effort at redemption and agrees with granting her parole.

In issue , upon hearing that Oracle has sent the Russian authorities footage of teammate Deadshot murdering the Six's employer as payback for double-crossing them, Harley asks, "Is it a bad time to say 'I quit'?

In Countdown 43 July , Harley appears to have reformed and is shown to be residing in an Amazon -run women's shelter. Having abandoned her jester costume and clown make-up, she now only wears an Amazonian stola or chiton.

She befriends the former Catwoman replacement Holly Robinson and then succeeds in persuading her to join her at the shelter, where she is working as an assistant.

Holly and Harley then meet the real Athena and encounter Mary Marvel. The group reveals Granny's deception, and Holly, Harley, and Mary follow her as she retreats to Apokolips.

Mary finds the Olympian gods, whom Granny had been holding prisoner, and the group frees them. Harley is granted powers by Thalia as a reward.

Having moved in with Pamela Isley at the Riddler 's apartment, she meets up with Catwoman, who offers for the three of them to live and work together.

A new villain who tries to take down Selina Kyle named the Boneblaster breaks into the apartment and the three of them have to move after they defeat him.

Later, after a chance encounter with Hush , the Joker attempts to kill her, apparently out of jealousy. Quinn is rescued by Ivy and Catwoman, and it is later revealed her attacker was not the real Joker, but one of his old henchmen impersonating him.

Harley's father is a swindler who is still in jail, and her brother, Barry, is a loser with dead-end dreams of rock stardom. Her mother, Sharon, wants her to stop the "villain and hero stuff.

Following several adventures with Catwoman and Ivy, Harley betrays them and breaks into Arkham Asylum, intending to kill the Joker for his years of abuse towards her.

However, Harley ultimately chooses instead to release the Joker from his cell, and together the two orchestrate a violent takeover of the facility that results in most of the guards and staff members either being killed or taken hostage by the inmates.

Harley and the Joker are eventually defeated by Batman and Catwoman, and Harley is last seen being wheeled away while bound in a straitjacket and muzzle.

Harley agrees, and the two set out to trap Catwoman. As Batman is about to arrest them, Catwoman helps the two of them escape.

Harley appears in the debut issue as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Ph. Following DC's relaunch of its titles, Harley Quinn's costume and appearance were fully revamped.

The New 52 shows Harley Quinn with a sleeveless top, tight shorts, and boots. Her hair color has also been altered to half-red and half-black, and her bleached white skin is the result of being kicked into a vat of acid by the Joker.

After a falling out with the Joker, she goes into a murderous frenzy, directed towards people responsible for the Joker's imprisonment.

However, when she discovers the Joker is rumored to be dead, it takes a further toll to her already-addled mind, and betraying the Suicide Squad, she puts their safety and secrecy at risk by turning herself into the Gotham Police Department to gain access to the skinned face of the Joker.

Deadshot lures Harley in close, shooting and severely injuring her during the conversation. Batman falls into a tank and demands Harley to tell him where the Joker is.

However, she only replies, in tears, he is no longer the Joker she fell in love with. On July 16, , DC announced that a new Harley Quinn ongoing comic book series would begin publication in November , co-written by Amanda Conner and her husband Jimmy Palmiotti , cover illustrated by Conner, and story illustrated by Chad Hardin.

In the series, Harley Quinn has become a landlady at Coney Island , is a part-time member of a roller derby team, and has returned to her work in psychology under her real alias, indicating that Harley's real identity is not public knowledge in the new status quo.

She also befriends an elderly ex-U. Under Conner and Palmiotti's writing, Harley was reinvented as an antihero who, after being released from the Suicide Squad and having her public files erased, values human life more or less and actively tries to improve life in her neighborhood, with mixed results.

While the comic book version of the character is still romantically linked with the Joker, a more recent development has Harley also romantically involved with Poison Ivy.

Harley Quinn series writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner confirmed the two characters are in a non-monogamous romantic relationship.

Harley agrees to help a woman whose daughter has been kidnapped by a gang in Hollywood. Harley Quinn has featured a few standalone specials which are not directly connected to the main series and feature multiple artists.

In the scratch and sniff -themed Annual issue, Harley briefly returned to Gotham to save her girlfriend Poison Ivy, as the Arkham Asylum employees monitoring her had brainwashed her to create a hallucinogenic pathogen.

She shares a brief intimate moment with Bruce Wayne. At Coney Island, Batman informs Harley that while he still distrusts her, he admires her attempt at heroism and promises not to interfere.

Harley kisses Batman and tells him to get "lessons" on kissing from Bruce Wayne, to which Batman privately grins. In Futures End , a series set five years in the future, Harley mails herself to the Bahamas in an attempt to save money on airfare.

The plane carrying her crashes over the ocean while flying through a storm, and Harley is washed up onto the shores of an island inhabited by an uncontacted tribe.

The tribe quickly declares her a goddess and is determined to have her meet their god-king who turns out to be the Joker.

After a fight and reconciliation, Harley learns the Joker has been living on the island as a god and making the inhabitants dress up as various superheroes and track him down while playing tricks on them.

It is announced she and the Joker are to be married. She is initially excited about the pending marriage until she discovers the two will be sacrificed to the island's volcano as their wedding ceremony ends.

The series is set to run six issues and takes place while Harley has the amnesiac Power Girl convinced the two are a crime-fighting duo.

Harley has broken up with the Joker and has a romantic relationship with Poison Ivy. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti's four-year run on Harley Quinn, after almost a hundred issues, came to an end with Harley Quinn 34 "That's all folks!

The ongoing series has no apparent connection to Suicide Squad other than her new hairstyle, dyed for her by one of the tenants in her Brooklyn apartment and a few guest shots from characters like Killer Croc and Deadshot.

Harley has once again met up with Power Girl and even her new sidekick Terra. She has faced down multiple villains from the Penguin to the corrupt mayor of New York and is in the process of running for mayor herself when the previous mayor tried to solve the homeless problem by feeding them to cannibals.

She also runs a "vigilante for hire" group; she calls her Gang of Harleys and has numerous other allies and stalkers, including Red Tool a parody of Deadpool , Harley Sinn a former nemesis and various other allies she has made along the way.

The mayor countered by kidnapping her friend Mason and killing him. Harley got revenge, and then she and Ivy went to visit with her family.

On her return, a Man-Bat was seen around town, and Tony went missing. Not feeling very good after the death of Mason, Harley ordered her gang to stay out of it and was summarily ignored.

They went to Arkham to ask Langstrom if he was behind it but found him gibbering in his cell. He did, however, mention there was "another. Kidnapped moments later, they awoke in Langstrom's lab to find that his wife Francine was the newest Man-Bat, and she then jabbed Harley with the Man-Bat potion.

Freeze , and numerous other Batman villains took advantage of Harley's grief over her dead friend Mason to split her from her team. This was a temporary measure, and soon, Harley freed them from mind control and apologized for some things she said while on truth serum.

A few weeks later, the Riddler showed up late for the fight while Harley and her gang were eating at the reformed Condiment King's new hot dog stand, and they easily beat him up too.

This was followed up by a one-shot issue in which we see a decimated future where Red Tool has tracked down Old Lady Harley at future cyborg Tony's request.

Harley finds her old original gang, beats them up, and retakes control. Back in the current time, she recently went on a one-woman rampage on Apokolips before coming back to Earth with a new friend she rescued from Granny Goodness named Tina to deal with a realtor and a cult run by a skeleton-headed goof calling himself "Lord Death Man" whom she heard about on a literal pirate broadcast.

It turns out he set it up himself because he is in love with her and thought it was fun walking into her traps, being unkillable. Harley used the money he paid her to save her building and surrounding businesses from a land developer, whom she then catapulted away.

When last seen, Harley was reading one of her own comics and a woman calling herself Jonni DC, Continuity Cop was threatening to stop her, and the preview predicted Harley would destroy the DC Universe.

After her mother was temporarily retconned and a series of pointless adventures through multiple continuities, everything was restored to normal, except for an alternate past superhero with no concept of a "gray area" being pulled into Harley's world.

This contest drew controversy not only because it was announced close to National Suicide Prevention Week , but because some artists did not like the sexualized portrayal of Harley in the fourth scenario, in which Harley attempts suicide while naked in her bathtub.

After seeing the reactions to the contest, DC apologized, saying they should have made it clear it was a dream sequence that was not supposed to be taken seriously.

In the final version, the bathtub scene was cut and replaced with Harley sitting on a rocket while flying in space. Harley Quinn has a recurring role in the comic book title Suicide Squad , which debuted its fifth volume with Suicide Squad vol.

She wears tight blue-and-red shorts, a ripped white tee shirt, a satin jacket, fingerless gloves, net stockings, and boots. Her other outfit is a two-tone, black-and-red suit consisting of a full-sleeve top, tight shorts, opaque stockings, garter belt attachments, and boots.

Harley Quinn is adorned with tattoos, and her hair color is blonde hair with blue dip dye on the left side and pink dip dye on the right to match the movie and her new hairstyle in Unlike her counterpart in the New 52 series who may be a sequel to this series after Harley finishes her time on the Squad, even going so far as to erase her public criminal record although both versions got the dip-dyed hairstyle at the same time , she is still fairly dark and resists any attempts at labeling her a hero, no matter how many lives she saves or how many times she steps up to take command of the situation.

She tends to swap her carefree joking attitude for the occasional sulk. So far, the events of the Squad do little to affect the DC Universe outside of their immediate mission.

She is still officially done with the Joker in a romantic capacity and still Poison Ivy's on-again, off-again girlfriend. The ongoing fifth volume of Suicide Squad shows Harley Quinn as an unpredictable and dangerous inmate at Belle Reve Penitentiary, attacking the facility's security forces when given the opportunity.

Harley Quinn is a major character in DC's first Black Label comic series, an adult-focused imprint, in Sean Murphy's 8-part standalone story Batman: White Knight more information provided in other versions section.

Harleen , a limited series created by Stjepan Sejic , due to debut on September 25, will provide new insight into the character's origin story and will be her first solo comic series within the new imprint.

The series re-imagines Harley Quinn as a forensic profiler who helps the police on their trail of the Joker and is due for release on October 2, Margot Robbie portrays Dr.

Harley Quinn appears in the Batman: Arkham franchise. Arleen Sorkin reprises her role from the DC Animated Universe in the first game, whereas Tara Strong assumes the role for the remainder of the series.

Harleen Quinzel was driven insane following her father's long bout with mental illness and eventual suicide. Attempting to avoid her father's fate, she joins a criminal organisation called the Pact to steal a virus able to cure her hereditary condition.

This depiction initially reverses the dynamic between Harley and the Joker. Quinn manipulates and abuses her former patient at Arkham Asylum, named "John Doe", who is infatuated with her.

As the series progresses, John's confidence will increase, and depending on the player's choices, he will either aid Bruce Wayne in capturing Quinn or transform into the traditional version of the Joker.

In the latter outcome, Harley will become the Joker's girlfriend and the two use the virus to threaten Gotham City.

The Refrigerator Monologues is a novel. She is openly contemptuous of the other women, claiming that her "Mr. Punch" Joker will rescue her one day.

She hates Grimdark Batman for what she sees as causing gentrification in Gigonol Gotham and the fact that his no-kill rule often leads to lifetime crippling and manslaughter.

Pauline started as the neglected daughter of a wealthy man who burned her house and other rich houses to the ground. After being caught by Grimdark, she is incarcerated in Sarkaman Asylum, claiming she only got of prison due to her father's wealth.

There, she becomes fascinated by the comatose Mr. Punch, who has bright yellow hair, red eyes, and is covered in burn scars. Pauline cozies up to a nurse so she can dress in an official and "help out" delivering meds, allowing her to grow closer to Mr.

Pauline pretends to Mr. Punch's psychologist, and he gives her the nickname "Pretty Paulie. But then, partially inspired by the Monarch Playing Card Company, he embraced this and embarked on a new life of crime, almost for its own sake and joy.

He became the Joker! With a baby on the way and desperate for money, he agrees to help a couple of criminals break into Ace. The criminals have been using different insiders to help them rob many places, each time having them wear the helmet of the Red Hood so the police focus on the idea of one master criminal.

When Jeannie dies from a home electrical accident, the chemist inches to the edge of a breakdown. But the robbery must go on. Hoping to escape, the man jumps into the nearby lake, not realizing chemicals have been illegally dumped there.

Emerging later to see that he now looks like a clown, the chemist snaps. Later in the same story, Moore casts doubt on the origin story, as the Joker explains that he remembers his old life differently at times.

Nonetheless, this graphic novel became canon, with the flashback largely accepted as close to the truth by future writers. Viewing the experience as a rebirth, he decides to rebrand himself as a homicidal performance artist who will destroy Gotham across the board.

He blames Batman for his creation, but the whole parent-murder thing makes the reverse is true as well. But then he encounters Batman, and is excited to test himself against such an enemy.

Immediately, Jack embarks on a crime spree that makes Bruce Wayne feel as if all his work so far is coming undone.

When the two finally confront one another, the battle quickly escalates. Batman reluctantly uses a gun to disarm Jack, who then stabs a person in retaliation.

As Jack attempts to flee, Batman throws a batarang that winds up cutting across the criminals face. Batman is so enraged by Jack, he actually leads angry mobsters to the man, telling them to do with him what they will.

The mobsters take Jack to the Green Pharmaceutical plant and beat him up. Batman, regretting his actions, arrives just in time to see a chemical mixture pour down onto Jack.

The criminal escapes into the night, only to then return as the Joker. In flashbacks, this story shows young Martha Kane working as an aide at the clinic of Dr.

Leslie Thompkins. There, she regularly looks over Sonny, a young boy in foster care who suffers frequent abuse from others. Sonny is there to witness when Martha meets young Dr.

Thomas Wayne. Weeks later, a group of criminals who want to gentrify the area infect Sonny with a virus meant to spread through the low-income neighborhood.

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Eines Tages befindet sich der Vater wiederholt in einem solchen Wutanfall und tötet die Mutter des Jokers mit einem Messer. Neuerdings kann man sie auch in "DC Owl Dream Symbolism Online" antreffen. J [2]. Zahlungsmethoden Kreditkarte, Überweisung. Online Casino Slots Strategy tatsächliche Versandzeit kann in Einzelfällen, insbesondere zu Spitzenzeiten, abweichen. Den Bezirksstaatsanwalt Harvey Dent bringt er durch die Ermordung von dessen Freundin zu einem mörderischen Rachefeldzug gegen die für ihn dafür verantwortlich gemachten Polizisten. Kreditkarte, Überweisung. Kostenloser Versand. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Way.

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Dies lässt den Joker zu einem Wahnsinnigen werden. Ihren ersten Auftritt hatte sie am Weitere Informationen finden Sie in den Nutzungsbedingungen für das Programm zum weltweiten Versand - wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet. Bat Man, Joker, etc. Kontaktieren Sie den Verkäufer - wird in neuem Fenster oder Tag geöffnet und fragen Sie, mit welcher Versandmethode an Ihren Standort verschickt werden kann. Helena St. Archived from the original Eye Of Horus Bird October 14, Pauline forces Mr. Her hair color has also been altered to half-red and half-black, and her bleached white skin is the result of being kicked into a vat of acid by the Joker. Archived Www.Paypal Einloggen the original on Aol Namen Verwalten 26, Archived from the original on December 30, Kard Game Epic Battles. Archived from the original on August 18, Bill FingerBob Kaneand Jerry Robinson are credited with creating the Joker, but their accounts of the character's conception differ, each providing his own version of events. Trailers and Videos. Who Was The Original Joker

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